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Of Shitholes and Huts

One of Ethiopia’s previous capitals, Gondar, is a stop on the historical tour route of Ethiopia and a city Cara and were finally able to visit last month. The Gonderine period was part of Ethiopia’s Solomonic empire and features its own distinctly stylized cross, typically circular with twelve mini cross points that represent each of […]

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In Lieu of an Elegy

My great aunt Lois passed away this week and Cara left town for a training, which meant there was more time for writing but also more of a chance for that writing to just be bad—sentimental and stereotypical themes. So it’s been a mixed bag, which is frankly how I felt about Lois, as well […]

Breaking Rules and Making Too Many References to Pop Culture

Poem three is out early this week! I set out this week to write a triversen but the internet and inspiration conspired against it. First off, I had an idea for a poem bouncing around in my head over the weekend, which sparked while scrolling through Facebook. If that sentence, or at least the last […]

The Secret to Alchemy

Reading about mysticism is somewhere between a bit of a hobby or addiction of mine. I grew up religious, which for some people probably provides a comforting childhood. The idea that there’s someone watching out for you and a greater meaning, even when you’re alone or suffering, I expect, can give a sense of assurance. That […]

John C Dwyer

John C Dwyer

This is a picture of me, John C Dwyer, and this is my site (one of them at least). I‘m a son of the American Midwest (if you can’t tell by the fromage-philic physique), learned to write in the Southwest, and lived in the Far East (a ger in the Gobi to be precise). I’ve spent some time in the desert and plan to carry it with me wherever I go.

One of the most difficult, but absolutely necessary demands of humanity is to communicate with clarity. We each have something to share and whether it’s through blogs, books, conversations, postcards, tweets, or websites—I want to use old and new technology to get those messages across.


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