International Coffee Day - Retrospective

For the month that Cara lived in Addis before me, I slowly formed two different images of the coffee culture in my head. In both of them, coffee shops were on every corner and I can happily report that much is extremely accurate. In one version,…
A Peace Corps Ethiopia Trainee (soon to be Volunteer) gives an amazing speech in Amharic about her time living with her host family during training.

New Years and New Beginnings in Oromia

Today, Sunday (Meskerem 1 on the Ethiopian calendar and September 11 on the Gregorian calendar) is New Year's Day here in Addis. Yesterday, the streets were lined with people selling and buying huge bundles of dried branches taller than me…
I was originally told Abwe was our gardner, now I realize he is more like a day guard that cuts the grass and waters plants perhaps more out of boredom than anything else. Either way, he is legit a saint.

Nesting in Ethiopia

“Eagle’s Nest, this is Crunchy Oats*, reporting for radio check, over.” Cara finished with a straight face ...