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Nesting in Ethiopia

“Eagle’s Nest, this is Crunchy Oats*, reporting for radio check, over.” Cara finished with a straight face …

Nice Snowflakes in July

We watch the lights flicker in the warm, Nice night, dancing over snowflakes dusting the windshield. If you let go, unfocused and spiraling into the dark it might feel like a celebration, Bastille day Christmas in July. I hear they’re celebrating in Baltimore and Baghdad, listen closely and I swear I can catch the echoes […]

Readings from a Bear of a Wedding

I still am reeling from a wedding ceremony that we pulled together in less than three weeks and showed how amazing our friends and family are to travel on such short notice. And not to mention packing for Ethiopia. However, I wanted to share the readings and vows before they fade. Cara chose a poem […]

[WB] The Land Sector Has an App for That: The Evolution of Mobile Use in International Development

Paper prepared for presentation at the “2016 WORLD BANK CONFERENCE ON LAND AND POVERTY” The World Bank – Washington DC, March 14-18, 2016 This paper is a literature review of primary and secondary sources that seeks to chart the non-linear evolution of mobile use in development, from early efforts in the health sector to current […]

John C Dwyer

John C Dwyer

This is a picture of me, John C Dwyer, and this is my site (one of them at least). I‘m a son of the American Midwest (if you can’t tell by the fromage-philic physique), learned to write in the Southwest, and lived in the Far East (a ger in the Gobi to be precise). I’ve spent some time in the desert and plan to carry it with me wherever I go.

One of the most difficult, but absolutely necessary demands of humanity is to communicate with clarity. We each have something to share and whether it’s through blogs, books, conversations, postcards, tweets, or websites—I want to use old and new technology to get those messages across.


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