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Entering Albania Through the Back Door

Albania Blue Doors

Retired MIGs greeted us beside the runway as we touched down at Mother Theresa Airport in Tirana, Albania. These footprints–left behind as Soviet Russia turned around and departed–felt comforting and familiar. International development is like religion, a tide coming in not so much to erase the footprints as to fill in the depressions decades past […]

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Gobi Ger in the Dark

Clear Fanta Bottles You taste like blindness the distilled clarity that those #Mongolians brew and flows from #Fanta bottles in their gers. #micropoetry @pssms — John Dwyer (@JohnCDwyer) January 29, 2015


Mérida y Marriage


This was my last night with the Girlfriend in Mérida, Mexico. Our Mexico vacation has been a mix of historical awareness (Yucatán, zonas arqueológicas) and irreverence (Quintana Roo, Cancun’s Zona Hotelera) that I have come to consider part of the definition of John C Dwyer.  Lonely Planet’s introduction to Mérida describes what I’m saying a little more exactly: [su_quote url=”http://www.lonelyplanet.com/mexico/yucatan-peninsula/merida”]As the […]

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[GMP] 100 Words on Love: She’s Connecting the Dots For Me

I loved a girl who changed her address as often as her hair and a girl whose heart stayed in St. Louis and when I couldn’t steal their hearts, I stole those other things. […] Read all 100 words on The Good Men Project

John C Dwyer

John C Dwyer

This is a picture of me, John C Dwyer, and this is my site (one of them at least). I‘m a son of the American Midwest (if you can’t tell by the fromage-philic physique), learned to write in the Southwest, and lived in the Far East (a ger in the Gobi to be precise). I’ve spent some time in the desert and plan to carry it with me wherever I go.

One of the most difficult, but absolutely necessary demands of humanity is to communicate with clarity. We each have something to share and whether it’s through blogs, books, conversations, postcards, tweets, or websites—I want to use old and new technology to get those messages across.


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