[StS] My Metaphorical, Meandering Truth

At a young age I learned to interact with the world through the protection of sarcasm. I was brought up religious and so I believed every real question had already been answered (and answered correctly!) and when the real world ran counter to my expectations, I embraced verbal irony. If you’re in on the joke, a sarcastic comment says a lot; by capitalizing on the absurd space between expectations and reality, it subtly reveals the speaker’s wishes and hopes while never fully exposing them to direct sunlight. The problem is that not everyone is in on the joke (and that has been addressed wonderfully over here by Lindy West on Jezebel, with race as a focus in place of gender). I don’t think my jokes are funny, I think they’re tragic but tears in your eyes can blur the lines and my generation often sees life as a tragicomedy […]

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