[WB] The Land Sector Has an App for That: The Evolution of Mobile Use in International Development

Paper prepared for presentation at the “2016 WORLD BANK CONFERENCE ON LAND AND POVERTY” The World Bank – Washington DC, March 14-18, 2016

This paper is a literature review of primary and secondary sources that seeks to chart the non-linear evolution of mobile use in development, from early efforts in the health sector to current land sector interventions. The objective of the paper is to identify three things: how mobile technologies and solutions have already been implemented by international development organizations in order to reduce duplication of efforts through information sharing; major obstacles to future interventions; and how innovations in the land sector, which include mobile broadband applications (“apps”) that record land information, assist in land registration, and share land management best practices, may lead to overcoming the obstacles. The obstacles, notably developing mobile solutions that take into account local contexts and scaling interventions, are intersectional in nature and therefore solutions are relevant more broadly to international development efforts beyond the land sector […]

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