Not Another PDF

PDFs are everywhere and yet they tend to be locked down—unchangeable, confined to your device or your website. As an eBook, that content can be freed and found in online libraries and shops, like Amazon Books, Google Play, and OverDrive. In addition to spreading this eBooks across the web, far from the original site, eBooks also have features like syncing across devices through the Kindle App and Google Books. I have experience creating eBooks for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Title: The Strip

About: We basically started The Strip because we think McSweeney’s is a big fat sellout and we do not understand how people have perfected an invisibility cloak but the Paris Review can’t accept electronic submissions. We don’t publish work that’s “good” or “conforms to literary conventions” or has “the old verities and truths of the heart.” We love that speech, but William Faulkner is dead and he certainly doesn’t run this publication. We take work we fucking like. Our selection process is totally subjective and we don’t have to justify it to you. This is American writing – you know it when you see it.

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Title: USAID’s Operational Guidelines for Responsible Land-Based Investment

About: This guide, Operational Guidelines for Responsible Land-Based Investment, discusses USAID’s recommendations for best practices related to the due diligence and structuring of land-based investments, with the goal of reducing risks and facilitating responsible projects that benefit both the private sector and local communities.

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Title: Health Information Exchange Roadmap: The Landscape and a Path Forward

About: This Roadmap provides stakeholders with a clear picture of the current efforts being undertaken by both the public and private sectors to create and implement the building blocks that will allow for widespread deployment of HIE. It also provides an understanding of how these diverse approaches fit together into a cohesive strategy for nationwide HIE, and suggests a four phase roadmap to help HIE initiatives make progress and become sustainable.

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