Visual Storytelling

Video and photography have become increasingly important methods of communicating. Many audiences are consuming content on smaller screens that make large images more inviting than text-heavy messages and faster internet speeds, even on mobile devices, are making streaming video available everywhere.

For the Mobile Application to Secure Tenure (MAST) project, I used raw footage collected in the field to show the mobile app in action and how it benefited actual people on the ground in Tanzania. The video required:

  • Multiple types of video collection, including drone and camcorder
  • On-screen translation
  • Cleaned audio (to reduce background noise)
  • 508 compliance

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The type of presentation made popular by TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) events can make topics like big data, traumatic experiences, and abstract concepts more accessible by adding an element of storytelling. For a presentation on impact evaluations, to ensure the recorded video was as compelling as the presentation, I:

  • Captured tight shots of the speaker
  • Spliced in stills from the presentation
  • Dubbed audio captured by a secondary microphone

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